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Thuesday 18th to Friday 21st of April 2017


The Scandinavian Society for Atherosclerosis Research (SSAR) sponsors a yearly meeting in a Scandinavian Setting, open to all interested scientists. The meeting is organized like the European Lipoprotein Club or the Gordon Conferences. To make it attractive for established as well as young scientists to attend, the aim is to have:

1. The best possible scientific quality. Therefore, four pairs of chairpersons each decide the scientific content of their session. Each pair of chairpersons invites 2 speakers and decides who should give the non-invited lectures in their session, and who should present posters. The number of non-invited lectures allocated to the different sessions depends on the number of abstracts submitted to the sessions. Submitters of abstracts are encouraged to submit their best and most recent results.

2. An inexpensive meeting. Registration, room and board will be free of charge for scientists from academic institutions. Scientists from private companies will, upon acceptance to the meeting, be asked to pay DKK 4000.- to cover registration, room and board. All participants will have to pay their own transportation.

3. An appealing location, Krogerup Højskole is an old manor house beautifully situated in a large park, within 5 minutes' walking distance of the beach and of Louisiana, Copenhagen's famous museum of modern art.

By fulfilling these 3 goals, we hope maintain the tradition of a yearly atherosclerosis meeting of very high standard, and we ask you (young or established scientists) to help us achieve this by submitting an abstract of high scientific quality.



1. Inflammation and Vascular Biology
Jacob Bentzon (Denmark) & Trine Ranheim (Norway)

Invited speakers:
Sanjay Sinha (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Effects of smooth muscle cell lineage and phenotype on vascular disease

Marius Trøseid (Oslo, Norway)
Gut microbiota and cardiovascular disease

Selected oral and poster presentations

2. Lipoproteins and Lipid Transport
Katrine L. Rasmussen (Denmark) & Matti Jauhiainen (Finland)

Invited speakers:
Gary F. Lewis (Toronto, Canada)
New insight into regulation of chylomicron assembly and secretion

Erik Stroes (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of patients with familial hypercholesterolemia

Selected oral and poster presentations

3. Cardiovascular Disease
Martin B. Mortensen (Denmark) & Ilze Bot (The Netherlands)

Invited speakers:
Andrew B. Sage (Cambridge, United Kingdom) )
Dissecting the impact of different B-cell functions on Atherosclerosis

Jan Borén (Gothenburg, Sweden) )
Lipoprotein retention: a key step in atherogenesis

Selected oral and poster presentations

4. Other topics
Matteo Pedrelli (Sweden), Åsa Tivesten (Sweden)

Invited speakers:
Mai-Lis Hellenius (Stockholm, Sweden)
Lifestyle and cardiovascular prevention - from theory to clinical practice

Gerard Pasterkamp (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Shifting concepts in the description of the “vulnerable plaque”

Selected oral and poster presentations